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My name is Jinno Hiroaki

I started my career as a movie scriptwriter in Japan.
At the age of 25, I won my first screenplay award, and at the age of 29, I won the Japan Academy Award for Best Screenplay.
At the age of 30, I started a theater company, wrote plays, and directed them.
I wrote the original manga, which became four books and was published with 100,000 copies.
After turning 40, I will attend a puppet theater training school for a year, which I have wanted to do since I was a child.
It was a marionette workshop.
I got a job teaching film scripting at a university.
I've always wanted to create my own puppet show, but I couldn't find the style.
I recently started making videos using the yellow board.
I thought for a long time why I chose this style.
My work, the yellow board, is very short.
The audience of this work is infants.
The yellow board does not use words.
The yellow board is the marionette.
When I made the yellow board, I was careful not to anthropomorphize it.
Do not imitate human movements.
No one knows what the yellow board is thinking when it moves.
The yellow board has no head, hands or feet.
There should be no eyes on the yellow board.
I don't know where the yellow board is in front and where it is behind.
Because the yellow board is a board.
The board has no head.
The board has no eyes.
The board has no front or back.

I went to a training school for puppeteers.
What you learn at the puppeteer's workshop is how to move the puppets well.

Moving a doll well means making it move like a human being.
I studied at the school for only a short time.

I am not a good puppeteer.

However, if I decide to start creating works after I can use dolls well, when will I be able to do so?

I want to make a work right now.
I can't handle dolls well.
However, I thought.

My audience can't speak well, and they can't use their bodies well.
However, they move as they please and cry when they can't do it.

It all started when I wondered if I could express this with a yellow board.

The yellow board knocks down the surrounding blocks.
But that doesn't mean the monsters are rampaging.
If infants were to move freely, they would accidentally knock them over.

They don't restore what they knock down.

They keep doing the same moves until they get tired.

It's no use looking at it and wondering what it's doing.
The yellow board just enjoys repeating its movements.

The yellow board doesn't keep moving for someone.

The movement of the yellow board is fun.

At some point, that joyful movement stops.

Because the yellow board got tired of the movement.

The yellow board starts the next move.

No one knows why the yellow board was repeating the same movement until just now.

No one knows why the yellow board stopped its movement in the middle.

The yellow board doesn't want to entertain the audience.

I do it because the yellow board is fun.
The yellow board will stop if you get tired of it.

The audience sees it and thinks about what the yellow board was thinking.

But I don't know what the yellow board was thinking.

I think of the author Hiroaki Jin.

In this world, you and others exist first.

It's not like you can immediately tell what other people are thinking or what they want to do.

The video on the yellow board is for watching other people having fun.

After watching some of these videos, I hope you don't have to understand the puzzling behavior of toddlers meeting new friends.

And above all, if there is a yellow board that is happily moving, do not disturb it.
All you can do there is watch.

Jin Hiroaki hopes that he will start from there.

This sentence is translated by Google and may be difficult to understand.
I want you to forgive me.

I would like to hear your impressions if possible.
[email protected]
Hiroaki Jinno